New Era’s New Lid for the White Sox 2014 Season

Everyone these days seems to be trying to produce as many different types of uniforms, hats, and merchandise that they can to boost revenue. New Era has teamed up with the Atlanta Braves, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Chicago White Sox to redesign their spring training caps.

In a throwback design of the “Winning ugly” era White Sox hats have the white background in the front, blue back, and red bill. Also on the front of the hat, is the classic batter man symbol of a blue hitter with red circle for hands, ready to swing his blue bat at the white ball that looks like it’s under his arm pit.

You can see a picture of the hat here:

According to New Era’s website, the revolutionary performance headwear will be worn by all MLB clubs in spring training, batting practices, and select regular season games. The caps are made out of new high tech performance diamond patterned fabric that helps to keep the players cooler.

The site also says that the hats have a 50+ UV protection that helps deflect the sun’s rays. They also have a COOLERA technology that as the site says it, “wicks away sweat to keep players comfortable.”

It hasn’t been said whether the hats will be worn with the traditional black and white jerseys, or with the throwback “Winning ugly” jerseys. It will be interesting to see if they’ll continue to pay homage to the teams of their past like last year’s “Throwback Sundays” when they wore the late 80’s Sox uniforms.


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