Lead-off was a Power Position in 2013?

If I were to ask someone, who was the second best player for the White Sox in several key offensive categories last season? The chances are very few people would give the name Alejandro DeAza, but the truth is he was. In fact, he was second on the team in categories that would have some people scratching their heads.

DeAza was second on the team in home runs, walks, and RBI. Most people would have probably have guessed that someone like Paul Konerko, Alexei Ramirez, or someone else that normally produces power numbers.

It also highlights big issues the issue the Sox had last season. All of the Sox’s power hitters had a major outage. It’s not a good sign for a ball club, and won’t send them far into the playoffs if the lead-off hitter is second in home runs and RBI.

Something that he wouldn’t want to be second in was strike outs. He accumulated 147 strike outs throughout 2013. Unfortunately that’s an extremely high amount as a leadoff hitter, but on the flip side he had the second most walks. That makes it really difficult for anyone to ask him to be more patient, and he was second in hits so it’s hard to ask for more contact.

While he was on defensive, he was definitely far from the best. He led the outfield in errors, and was so inconsistent that he put up a defensive WAR (Wins above replacement) of a -2.0. Normally a war number is graded with a 2.0 and up being a player who’s good enough to start. Anything below 0 is normally someone who should be replaced at their position on the field or lineup.

Alejandro DeAza can drive some people crazy at times by his free swinging mentality; numbers also show that he was an asset on offense in 2013. An obvious statement, but his defense is in a need of fixing. With all that combined, I gave DeAza a B plus. His offensive output outweighed his defensive liability.


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