This Cubs Video Will Get You Amped for the Season

The Chicago Cubs have been picked by The Sporting News to win the World Series, and guys like Joe Maddon and Jon Lester are talking championships on the north side, so it’s not surprising that some fans are going to extra lengths to get fired up for the 2015 season.

With that preface in mind, here is one such video that should get you good and amped for the season to start:

Chicago Cubs – 2015 Hype from Jay Tuohey on Vimeo.

The callbacks to Harry Caray, as well as video of Ernie Banks and Ron Santo, definitely hammer home what it would mean to see the Cubs return to relevance this year, and with young players and new faces, it’s going to be a fun year to be a Cubs fan, and it all gets started this week when the team begins reporting to Mesa for spring training.

h/t to CBS Sports


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